Google PixelBook- Good for Business?

Google-PixelBookSo it’s interesting that when I was scouring the internet for a worthy topic to kick off my first blog post, I was immediately drawn to an end user computing device captivating bloggers around the world.

The fact is that Bill and his cohorts over at Microsoft dominate the business world for the simple fact that they own the operating system 99.99% of business around the world run off (wise man once told me that 80% off stats like this are made up on the fly….he’s right here too).

But here is the thing, most businesses I talk to now are adopting a cloud first or more specifically SaaS first methodology for corporate applications, so on that basis…who really cares what OS the Browser is installed on?

This really got me thinking. I asked myself..but Dom…what about the corporate apps that you personally can’t live without? PowerPoint, Word, Excel how can you function without the holy trinity of corporate applications?…To my amazement though, you can buy trimmed down versions of these Office Application in the damn Android store…(visualise your chosen mind blown.gif here).

So then, what’s to say that this fairly sexy, lite as feather, Intel chipped and highly intuitive device (thanks to Google Assistant) wont finally crack into the corporate world.

How can we give this little guy a fighting chance where the biggest of corporate end user devices rumble and jostle for market share? Well, we can start buy identifying the niche where itself can compete on a level playing field….

(que neck and knuckles cracking sound)

If I am a business that has:

  1. A workforce of emerging Millennials that need to be mobile
  2. Android devices throughout the Mobile user base
  3. 80% or more of my critical applications SaaS based
  4. Desire to loosen the shackles of Microsoft licencing costs
  5. A decent MDM application that can easily integrate a new OS
  6. G-Suite applications like Drive and Mail already integrated
  7. Decent Wi_Fi coverage in the office

If a business profile like that does in fact exist, then damn…the PixelBook has got a fighting chance!

Even though I use Windows machines in the home and office and iOS as my mobile platform, I personally would love to give this device a shot. I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the Google Eco-system, thanks to how well it seamlessly supports my life…gmail, Google Photo’s, Drive…My personal IT World is built off Google’s platforms. My company doesn’t fit the profile entirely but seriously, it wouldn’t be to hard to adapt and change the way I work to accommodate some of the potential short comings.

Although I can’t see the PixelBook worrying the market share of the likes of Dell and HP for the foreseeable future, it must be said, that as we move to world where more and more apps are delivered from the browser, devices such as the PixelBook will become more and more common.

I’d be keen to hear your expert thoughts on this topic, feel free to email me at, or comment below.

Thanks Crew!

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